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Elephant Riders are official partners of The Emotional Culture Deck designed by riders&elephants. There are Elephant Riders in eight countries around the world who have experience in delivering a variety of workshops and projects using The Emotional Culture Deck.


Become an Elephant Rider.
Join a Masterclass.

Gain The Emotional Culture Deck Certificate of Practice by attending one of our Masterclasses. In our Masterclasses you’ll learn how to use The Emotional Culture Deck to create more human & empathetic workplaces, leaders & and teams.

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Meet out Pro Elephant Riders.
aka Certified Facilitators

Pro Elephant Riders are experienced change makers and Certified Emotional Culture Deck Facilitators. They’re trained in the art of Emotional Culture conversations and ready and able to help others develop better emotional cultures in organisations or teams today. They can run a variety of different workshops for you.

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ECD Licensed Partners
aka Master Elephant Riders

Master Elephant Riders are our most trusted partners. They’re trained at running Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses and gifted facilitators in different industries, skilled at delivering interesting, valuable and interactive workshops.

Watch this space. More coming soon.

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Become a Pro Elephant Rider

The Pro Elephant Rider Programme is a guided journey of personal and professional development, learning-by-doing, and reflection. It takes you ‘under the hood’ of learning how to use The Emotional Culture Deck in a variety of different ways to create more successful, empathy-driven teams and organisations.

Next Programme starts Nov 2019. Only 10 spots available.


“I've learned that people want to talk about emotions at work. They just don’t know how, or don’t have the labels for it. This matters because how people are, or should be feeling guides how your people behave more than your corporate values.”

– Jeremy Dean, Founder of riders&elephants


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Find out when and when our next Emotional Culture Deck Masterclasses are to learn how to use
The Emotional Culture Deck to create more human & empathetic workplaces, leaders & and teams.